There’s an alien sex drag mushroom party happening in Hackney tomorrow night…

SADDLE UP KIDS, this one’s gonna be a corker! A rip-roaring, wig-tearing, leopardprint-spattered night from full time concept and part time astrologer, CASSANDRA!

She’s hootfooting it over to Hackney tomorrow night, and bringing with her a maelstrom of manifestation, Madonna and mushrooms! Think you’ve seen it all? Well you HAVEN’T. You’ll be shocked, you’ll be entertained, you’ll probably get wet at some point, you’ll definitely fall over in a kimono. 

We pulled Cassandra into a clandestine cobbled alley (hectic!) and asked her a quickfire round of questions about London’s most debauched and deadly new queer night – CASSANDRA’S PALACE.

CASSANDRA! Tell us what we can expect from Cassandra’s Palace!


A surreal, immersive atmosphere featuring foliage, witch’s sorcery, glamour, hedonism, performance art, sex room, and dancing! 

Where did the idea come from?

The idea came from my love of the mythology of amazing places like Studio 54 and Paradise Garage in New York. Grace Jones talking about spiking the punch with acid because they didn’t have a liquor license. 

I wanted to create something allowing for the uncensored, haphazard, chaotic, free, fun and cheeky, with less rules and regulations so we can be totally crazy and on the edge of the law! 

The idea is that this is a cave: a surreal projection of Cassandra’s imagination, and for one night a month, you can come inside me. I am a tribal queen and command you all once you are in me.  

What kind of intergalactic possibilities can people expect from Cassandra’s Palace?

There’s an alien sex room downstairs wherein I’ve planted mushrooms alongside lovely dildos! 

What kind of MEN will be at Cassandra’s Palace?

I’ve yet to see but I managed to list the event on the Craigslist men seeking men section before craigslist last week game-changingly removed this section of the site! The end of an era! 

Hopefully we can simply house the pent-up construction workers in Cassandra’s Palace. I have lots of different tastes, so expect artistic dandy types, muscle guys, queers, hairy guys, hipster guys, and normal dressed guys in jumpers who are simply fans.  

Tell us about the vibe. We’re picturing plants and witches.

I have a lovely palm tree there and some foliage, and might also take some branches off the street for extra decor! 

Will there be music?

YES! I’ll be making a music playlist of odd novelty songs like “Spacer Woman”, alongside decadent 80s tracks like “Self Control” by Laura Branigan, and also some of the Madonna “Erotica” album for deep basement sex feelings. 

STELLA MELTDOWN will be DJing and switch the vibe to her favourite trashy party girl hits from the likes of Britney and Paris Hilton, as well as JACK CULLEN playing some Frankie Knuckles and Chemical Brothers. 

We’ve heard Lucy Lawless is coming. Is that true?

Yes she was so excited and joked that she wants to bring all her “gear”. So I don’t know if she means she’s going to come dressed as Xena Warrior Princess or something else……..! 

Describe the night in three words!

Wild, free, inspirational. 

Describe the night in five (other) words!

Exotic, hallucinogenic, debauched, hedonistic, sexy.

Describe the night in one word!

A disgrace!

And finally…what will people want for breakfast the day after Cassandra’s Palace? 

Confession booth, drill, Catholic priest! 

Cassandra’s Palace is on Thursday 17th May at 179 Morning Lane. Hit attending here.