Watch Austin Armacost smoulder in Pleasuredrome’s latest vid!


That’s not really a groundbreaking scoop, is it? We can’t remember the last time we saw Austin Armacost wearing any clothes. Actually, we can. We did a cover shoot with him once and almost didn’t recognise him when he walked through the doors of Dalston Superstore in jeans and a t-shirt. Still, he got his kit off within minutes, so normalcy was soon resumed.

Anyway, CBB star Austin stars in Pleasuredrome’s latest steamy promo vid. We ALL know about Pleasuredrome. Those of you who say you don’t are fibbing, but if you want to keep up this silly pretence, we’ll explain for ya. Pleasuredrome is now the only gay sauna in Waterloo, with over 15,000 men swooping through those tinted doors every month to enjoy the state-of-the-art sauna, steam room, pool and company of like-minded guys in the maze of private cabins. It’s real back-to-basics cruising and once you’re all spent, you can sit at the bar reading QX with an orange juice. Blissful!

If that’s piqued your interest, you should watch their latest video to catch a glimpse of the facilities. It starts with Austin strolling defiantly out of Waterloo station, flinging a few furtive glances around the changing room, topping up his tan in standing-sunbed, before disappearing into a neon-bathed, sprawl of stroking limbs like some sort of Kelly Rowland music video. Pleasuredrome is open all day, every day of the year, so this horny decadence is happening right now AS YOU READ THIS. You could be groping around in a sweaty pile of men, rather than flicking through tabs and reading this garbage, so go and have at it!

Pleasuredrome, Arch 124, Cornwall Road, Waterloo, SE1 8XE