Brighton Pride gives out 100 free tickets to refugees

As Britney fever sweeps the seaside in a maelstrom of parties and peroxide this weekend, with some clamouring to pay hundreds for last minute tickets, Brighton & Hove Pride are reaching out to those who have experienced hardship, giving a hundred tickets away for free, to refugees and their carers who live in the area.

It’s a gesture that epitomises what Pride should be – welcoming, thoughtful and compassionate.

“A huge thank you to Pride for giving our charity 100 free tickets for the family friendly event on Sunday,” says Elaine Ortiz, founder of refugee charity The Hummingbird Project.

“The people who received these tickets would likely not have been able to participate in the day without this. Everyone is very excited to take part in celebrating Pride with our beautiful city.”


For more info on this year’s Brighton Pride celebrations, head to their website.