Drag queen’s suspicious package causes rush hour chaos

Canada Water Station was thrown into disarray yesterday, when it was evacuated by Transport Police after they discovered an unattended suitcase on a train.

Hundreds of people were evacuated and the station was briefly shut. 

“Thanks for bearing with us at Canada Water Station whilst our specialist teams examined a suspicious bag on the train,” said the British Transport Police on their official Twitter account.

“We’ve checked the bag and it appears it is lost property.”


Much to their amusement, upon opening the bag, they discovered not wires, canisters or weapons, but wigs, heels and a sparkly ball gown. 

The suspicious package belonged to London drag queen Topsie Redfern, on her way to begin work for the evening at The Bridge in Clapham.

Topsie quickly took to Facebook to express her sincerest apologies. 

“Oh no! My Drag Bag caused a rush hour station evacuation! Sorry Londoners!”

We forgive you, Topsie! From now on, let’s hope this is the only kind of package police find on trains. Terrorism is such a drag.