Soho Sauna Sweatbox Gets £1 Million Refurb

Gird your loins, Soho!

This summer is all about MAKEOVERS! We’ve had a makeover! London’s had a makeover! YOU’VE probably had a makeover! And now, everyone’s favourite Soho sauna Sweatbox is having a makeover!

Sweatbox’s makeover will be the stuff Linda Barker could only dream of (has Linda Barker ever dreamt of a gay sauna? Who knows! Probably).

It’s lovingly owned by glorious creatures of the night, Mark and Jason Ford. Mark and Jason have a lust for life, and appreciate all things sublime and ridiculous. All year they’ve been pouring their blood, sweat and vodka into painstakingly planning and designing Sweatbox’s refit, and now it’s all coming together.

They’re putting in, among other things, a giant Jacuzzi, a steam maze and a hammam! Don’t tell Gwyneth Paltrow about the hammam, she’ll be down there scattering Himalayan salt all over the place. Go away, Gwyneth!


“It’s important for us to continue to invest in the gay community, in order to offer a safe and sexy space for gay men to meet and connect,” says Mark. “For the last decade, we’ve seen almost two millions guests use our facilities, so as you can imagine, some work needs to be done.”

“We’re very excited about the refurbishment,” adds Jason. “We’re looking forward to improving our customers’ experiences, as well as expanding our community outreach.”

“Previously, we’ve worked with 56 Dean Street and Afterparty to provide free sexual health screening and counseling, and we want to expand on that further, and offer more services in our new facilities!”

In true Mark & Jason style, they’re  of course celebrating the refit by throwing a twenty-four-hour “goodbye” party this Sunday! Everyone’s welcome to come and bid farewell to the Sweatbox’s steamy original environs – just text “FREESWEAT” to 88802 for your chance to get a ticket!

Sweatbox is at Ramillies House, 1-2 Ramillies Street, W1F 7LN. Open 24 hours per day. For more info, head to