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Tony Flynn’s guide to this season’s fragrances!

Best Men’s Aftershaves and Fragrances 2018: The QX Guide

Lads, do you like to start each day with a cheeky spray? Of course you do! From signature classics to brand new releases, we’ve whittled down the options to bring you the top 5 fragrances right now!

Let’s face it; perfume has been around for quite some time! Our minds react to certain smells in a multitude of ways. Sometimes, a certain scent will bring up an old memory (maybe one of an ex flame you’d rather forget!), or remind you of someone you’ve met whilst frequenting XXL’s darkroom! Certain smells release chemicals in our brains that spark emotional responses.

“Here’s the science part – Aftershave, eau de toilette or eau de parfum?”

This one baffles the best of us! Laid out simply; aftershave contains the least amount of perfume oil, eau de toilette contains around 4-8% more perfume oil and the biggest hitter by far is eau de parfum which contains 8-15% perfume oil.


So if you’re looking for something that’s going to linger the whole day, grab the attention of those around you and get the most from your fragrance spend; reach for an eau de parfum!


Another classic fragrance which hit the shelves back in 2010; Aventus by Creed bottles the unexpected pairing of strong woody notes and delicate blossom florals. Alike Black Orchid by Tom Ford; Aventus by Creed commands the attention of those around the wearer in the best way possible.


Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense from Jo Malone is a rich, sensuous scent with notes of oud wood, damask rose, clove and praline that is great for warm summer nights. The unisex scent can be used by anyone and with the classic dark bottle it will look great in your grooming cabinet.


New for 2018; 1 MILLION Lucky dares the extremes. Great for daytime wear around the office, this sweet yet woody fragrance stimulates the senses with a big hit but not in an overbearing way like it’s older brother; 1 MILLION (original).


There can be no greater feeling than finding the right scent and this one should not disappoint. Sauvage Eau by Dior is an exciting mix of Calabrian bergamot and Papua New Guinean vanilla, this timeless fragrance is perfect for any modern gentleman looking to turn heads. Another fragrance with pulling power; this should get you through the whole day!


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is by far the best fragrance out there. A bold statement I know but once you get a whiff of this bad you’ll understand why. The original, best and most affordable of the TOM FORD range; Black Orchid not only smells amazing but will also see you through from that early morning spritz to your evening shower. It has total pulling power and should be tucked into every man’s gym bag! Opt for the eau de parfum variant though as in all honesty the eau de toilette is a let-down in terms of lasting the day.

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