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The Mighty Hoopla

04/06/17: We popped down to Mighty Hoopla last weekend and, as you can see, it was MAYJOR (with a Y). Literally hours after the worst...
XXL London Photo Reviews

XXL London Photo Reviews

The home page for all XXL London Photo Reviews London’s newest superclub in the heart of the Southbank featuring the most up-to-date sound system, lights and...
XXL London

XXL @ Pulse – Saturday 22nd April 2017

XXL @ Pulse - Saturday 22nd April 2017 In case you didn’t know already, XXL is full of hot, hairy, burly men! Game of Thrones...
XXL Easter Humper @ Pulse - Saturday 15th April, 2017

XXL Easter Humper @ Pulse – Saturday 15th April, 2017

XXL Easter Humper @ Pulse - Saturday 15th April, 2017 Now, as we’re always saying, XXL is ALWAYS bangin! It’s consistent that way. But this...
XXL Bear

XXL Bear – Saturday 8th April, 2017

XXL Bear It was Bear Night at XXL last Saturday! We know that’s a bit like, ‘is the Pope Catholic?’ or ‘do bears like Kylie?’,...

XXL – burly boys kicked off their weekly bearish scrum.

01/04/17: This was no joke! On that 1st of April, the burly boys of XXL kicked off their weekly bearish scrum under those welcoming arches...
xxl construction

XXL Construction – get the high viz gear out.

25/03/17: The thirstiest, most eagle-eyed punters may have spotted sexy muscle cub, Attitude columnist, and erstwhile member of the Ozzy bobsleigh national team, Simon Dunn,...
XXL St Patrick’s Day

XXL St Patrick’s Day – Bears to the left, bears to the right.

18/03/17: What’s this? XXL St Patrick’s Day being amazing again? Oh, what a surprise! As always, XXL St Patrick’s Day celebrations were going OFF, this time...
xxl leather

XXL Leather – extra hot weekly hedonistic party.

11/03/17: XXL xxcelled (get it?!) as usual on Saturday night, with an extra-hot xxl leather edition of their weekly hedonistic party. Hot hairy men roved around...

XXL St David’s Day

04/03/17: When we headed over to home of hairy hedonism XXL on Saturday, they were celebrating St David’s Day. We got chatting to a gorgeous...

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