79 CXR

28/05/11: Clocking up an impressive seventeen years at the very heart of the West End gay scene, 79CXR still packs in the crowds on a Saturday night. We checked out the cabaret action at one of central London’s most popular boozers last weekend and certainly didn’t come away disappointed. Featuring the never to be underestimated talents of drag royalty Titti La Camp (who later tweeted that she’d “be flattered by all this attention if it was anywhere other than 79CXR” – ooh we’re sure she didn’t mean it). Her riotous repertoire included a wrist slashing ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ followed by ‘Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag)’ which had the audience scattering under a bombardment of stale Kingsmill and KFC bones. A feverish finale saw her tackling Hallelujah whilst ascending to heavenly heights (on a step ladder) in mechanical wings – she sure is an inventive gal! Meanwhile, there were still plenty of Saturday night shenanigans to come with those chart busting DJ sounds and affordable drinks prices keeping the place buzzing ‘til late!

Words by Chris Jon
Photos by Marc Abe


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