01/12/10: World AIDS Day is, of course, a huge event in Soho – almost as busy as Pride in terms of reporting all the different events that take place on our diverse scene. So, when you’re hopping from bar to bar and your thirst is thoroughly quenched, you don’t half need to piss a lot. Fast forward to me running to the loos at 79CXR, only to be stopped in my tracks by the hysterical Mandy Gap on stage, who announced that QX had just entered the building. Flanked by a rather attractive young man, Ms Gap enquired as to whether I’d give her twenty quid for his company whilst putting a microphone right under my big hooter. My response of course? A resounding ‘NO’ whilst I shuffled off for a slash before ones bladder could publicly let me down. (Don’t worry, I put a fiver in the red bucket afterwards and gave the delightful Bette Rinse 50p for a free condom). Apparently the boy on stage was convinced to strip for charity whilst I was in the loo – and I’m told it was wasn’t disappointing. Ah well, instant karma is a bitch, right? Back to the evening and, raising funds for Terrence Higgins Trust, the lovely guys at 79CXR had a top line-up of drageratti to entertain and entice money from punters pockets. Fellow brummie Baga Chipz joined a jubilant Jacquii Cann, James Bedford, Nicki Vixen, Lady La Rue and Kitty Monroe for a right-rollicking good evening. The 79CXR regulars are a fun and generous lot, but tonight was particularly special. Champagne corks popped aplenty as drag queens ran around, a blur of weaves and glitter, between a rather high number of tasty looking fellas, who seemed happy to join in the charity games, even if they couldn’t afford to give much. A hilariously fun evening all round, great work guys! And they raised £245 for charity.

    79 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0BN
    Words by Lee Dalloway
    Photos by www.nicophoto.co.uk