17/02/13: If you’re looking for a drag act, it’s safe to say you’ll find one in Soho.

But a good one? Not always so easy. Cabaret fans certainly knew to sniff out Baga Chipz on Sunday as she took the mic at stalwart Admiral Duncan for the second week of her residency. Proving why she has become one of the leading acts in the biz, Baga Chipz is bringing sinful fun and games to the holiest of days from 5pm every week.

Promising a different experience every Sunday, Chipz will be delving into her Baga to pull out anything from Rock’n’Roll Bingo, karaoke, the ominously named Open The Box, or a full-on no-holes-barred cabaret set with special guests. Is that Lady Lloyd we spy waiting in the wings?


Last Sunday, Baga Chipz dragged Minnie Diamond out of her zebra striped oversized clutch. As gold lamé went to heads with leopard print, the fur flew and the drinks flowed.

Having blossomed from Amy Winehouse tribute to award-winning Drag Idol act, Baga Chipz hit all the right notes with plenty of salt and vinegar, and helped everyone forget another week’s work was just hours away. She certainly pulled it out the bag!

Admiral Duncan, Old Compton Street, Soho W1D 4UD
Words by Colin Gentry
Photos by Mark Storey

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