22/10/10: You know what’s great about the Black Cap? One of the things is the fact downstairs is so long, so you can throw open the doors, strut and sashay to the bar – or right down to the dancefloor if you’re a real attention seeker! I soon realised no-one was watching my Naomi Campbell-esque (ha!) entrance, as they were all having the time of their lives cutting a tipsy rug to Lady GaGa. I didn’t have time to pout for long though. Before you can say ‘Abba Medley’, two of our favourite girls CK – Crystal d’Canter and Kelly Mild burst on to the stage. No lip-syncing ever for these ladies, full voiced and looking lush, they soon ‘broke the fourth wall’ for some lively audience participation, handing out little bottles of vodka to anyone who would sing into the mic… whether or not these bottles were pilfered from an international flight, we couldn’t possibly say. One thing we will comment on is how obviously these girls have honed their craft since when we first saw them in their early days together three years ago. They’re true pro’s now, and working endlessly all over our glittering gay scene speaks for itself. It’s all fabulous and light-hearted fun, perfect for a silly Friday night… most welcome in a gay scene that’s started to take itself a bit too seriously during the time of that dreaded R word – recession. Let’s take a leaf out of CK’s book… knock back a vodka shot, put some glitter on, grab your mates and sing some Bananarama. It’s what the ‘Cap is all about!

    171 Camden High St, NW1 7JY
    Words by: Lee ‘depressed vagina’ Dalloway
    Photos by: Chris ‘perky pecker’ Jepson


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