Bloc Bar

31/07/15: As soon as I stepped out of Camden Station into a sea of empty kebab boxes, a wave of nostalgia hit me.

The Black Cap. The squat full of straight boys I used to live in while I was at uni. Damp cobbles. Cheap weed. Handjobs. Remember handjobs?! Well Bloc Bar is a much-needed injection of life back into Camden’s flagging flagstones.

There’s a big fuck-off rainbow flag stapled to it that billows unapologetically into view from the high street. No sooner had we made a beeline for it than Lady Lloyd stumbled out of Subway. “Lloyd!” I said, kissing her “this might be the first time we’ve met sober!” She looked quite offended by that. “Who told you I was sober?” Inside, Wayne Shires’ stamp is very much on the place, down to the last black toilet cubicle tile.


The influence of the East! That’s way less exotic than it sounds but we loved it. The clientele, we all agreed, was shockingly, almost unfairly attractive.

Not only that, they were attractive HYBRIDS. A hint of musky bear with a sprinkling of lithe swimmer twink, capped off with a generous dollop of Jennifer Lopez backing dancer.

Lloyd and Tasty Tim, as always, spun WALL-TO-WALL pop hits! Hampstead drag queen Gina Gee could be spotted too, off-duty and sipping an Evian water. Anyway all-in-all, lovely stuff.

18 Kentish Town Road, Camden, NW1 9NX
Words by Dylan Jones
Photos by Mark Storey

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