Central Station

13/06/15: We arrived at Central Station and had the chance to grab some of Mister Dave Lynn’s fabulous time and company upstairs, before he graced the stage. 

After a quick chinwag and gossip about the old days, the amount of Prides that are going on this year and which supermarket would be first in line to hold a Pride event (my bets are on ASDA) the QX posse headed downstairs to mingle, have a sherry, take some pics, and apartake in the frivolity on offer. We even managed a quick game of pool, before our host Jason Prince announced the entrance of Miss Lynn to the stage, ready to wow, abuse and utterly entertain a mixed crowd of bears, twinks, lesbos and all manner of other homos, as she does so well. Always a pleasure catching up with you Dave! You’re a diamond!

37 Wharfdale Road, Kings Cross, N1
Words and Photos by Mark Storey