Central Station

06/02/16: Priding itself on its adaptability and versatility, Central Station, now firmly one of the doyenne gay venues in London, was marking its 24th anniversary this week-end.

Duncan and Martin, the stalwart landlords, and their friendly staff had laid out a free buffet to be washed down with free glasses of bubbly, welcoming the regulars who had answered their invitation to party with them. Raffle tickets had been sold and a lucky punter went home with a hamper full of goodies. The highly un-PC Charlie Hides had taken ownership of the stage and the mic for an evening with some of her favourite impersonations (Sharon Osborne, the late Joan Rivers, coach Sylvester and Cher). She informed us after her set that this was the venue that had given her her first residency, 16 years ago. As you’d expect, there were off-colour jokes of the kind that start online petitions, sing-alongs, some goading of the audience, and interactive video sketches complete with a celebrity cameo by Kylie. The audience lapped it up and called for several encores, no doubt also hoping that there would be many repeats of similar celebrations for this long-standing pillar of the London gay life.

37 Wharfdale Rd, London N1 9SD

Words by Nicolas Chinardet


Photos by zefrographica