Circa 4th Birthday

03/05/15: Picture it. Soho. Bank Holiday weekend. Pulling up to Circa’s front entrance, we were greeted with a gaggle of over-gesturing drags, fit boys and tiddly regulars queuing to re-enter the little bar that packs a mighty punch. Why?

Well, because it’s one of the best bars in all of Gay Land! But more specifically, because Circa’s been sparkling at the top of Soho for four years now, and their birthday bash was THE place to be this party weekend! Inside, the Who’s She of London’s glittering West End covered every square inch of the bar, as a thundering pop-house soundtrack was provided by not one, not two but SEVEN of Circa’s top-drawer spinners. The place where everybody knows you have an alcohol problem ramped up the promo all week with some DIVINE Human Nature-era Madonna artwork, and more than delivered on the birthday hype. An electric atmosphere and an eclectic bunch of sassy ravers ensured we were there ‘til the early hours. If this is the 4th birthday celebrations, what the frick are they gonna pull out for the 5th? We’ll pretty much be waiting at the bar all year to find out…

62 Frith Street, Soho, W1
Words by Lee Dalloway
Photos by Joel Ryder