15/05/15: Discipline at Circa was packin’ on Friday night, meaning it was fudge-packed to the roof. Stuffed full of delectable boys of aesthetic brilliance, dressed in their take-me-home-and-ravage-me attire.

In the corner, the humongous glittering-ball DJ booth housed fashion muse Munroe Bergdorf and music cutie Anthony McGinley aka AttackAttackAttack. Surrounded by their Soho cool-kid admirers, dressed-to-impress Bergdorf & McGinley delivered their usual high standard of dance music perfection.

The venue itself offers three separate areas where the Circa boys can be disciplined. You have the dance floor, where you can find yourself rubbing up against other leg-shaking fitties, the lounge areas for catching up on gossip with friends, or intimately flirting with your date, and out the front, the patio-heated smoking area.

That one’s particularly good for scoring bachelors out on Frith Street. Start off your weekend with a fabulous bang at Circa. Highly recommended.


62 Frith Street, Soho, W1
Words by Joe Worricker
Photos by Joel Ryder