24/10/15: This weekend at Circa marked a momentous event: it was the very last weekend they would be closing at 1am on a Saturday.

Because from now until New Year, they’ll be open until 4am! Woohoo! That is a cause for celebration if we ever heard one, and celebrate we did with many, many, many shots courtesy of those gorgeous barmen and a barrage of Adam Turner’s pumping tunes emanating from that infamous disco ball DJ booth.

At one point we thought we WERE the disco booth. We blame tequila. Or possibly Munroe Bergdorf. Or possibly both. We’re not sure Munroe was even there but anything relating to hangovers and that disco ball are usually traceable back to her. ANYWAY.


Circa’s fucking great. Go there. THEY’RE OPEN ‘TIL 4AM NOW ON FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS. Yeah. Jackie.

62 Frith Street, W1D 3JN

Words by Jaime Domingo

Photos by Mark Storey