10/08/12: [Phone rings] Me: Hello… Kris Di Angelis: I want to go out tonight and be a vile old lush. Me: You can do that at home, and frequently do! Kris Di Angelis: Quiet slag, I’ll pay for your drinks. Me: Ok, I’ll come…

And so it was done. And our destination of choice, of course, had to be where all the wild boys are – Circa! By the time we rocked up, the party was in full swing, with Munroe Bergdorf dropping those delicious pop-infused beats with a twist of dutty R&B and some cutting edge club sounds. For pure shocking out, dance-round-yer-handbag joy, no-one can compare to Munroe. My gurl could get a party started in a broom cupboard, and we should all savour this talented lady before she’s too busy taking over the world!

The best part of Circa isn’t just the who’s who and who’s she of the gay scene hanging by the bar and having a right old cackle, it’s the lovely energy you feel as soon as you walk (read: stagger) inside. One look at that hypnotic glitterball DJ booth and you know you ain’t leaving until time is called at 1am.

As someone who lives, breathes and vomits back up the gay scene, the fact that this is an independent gay business is something we should all be supporting in these “tough economic times” those dull Conservatives keep banging on about. You’re guaranteed a top night out, hot boys and an enthusiastic, if slightly slurred, welcome from landlady Alana Wintour.


Ms Alana had this to say to QX: “I told you never to come back here you rotten old witch, bugger off!”

Circa – I love you!

62 Frith Street, Soho, W1D 3JN
Words by Lee Dalloway
Photos by Chris Jepson


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