17/04/11: Is that Mr Sunshine poking his head around the clouds? Where the bleedin’ hell has he been, then? Getting a facelift in South America? Well, let’s not shout too loud, or we’ll scare him off – and we need him for a summer of laughs, jokes and booze! If you’re keen to enjoy an outside space in the West End that’s just a little off the ker-azy hubbub of Old Compton Street, then the City of Quebec has the perfect solution for you. Their outside space is not only ridiculously central, and great for escaping to when you’ve done some summer shopping, but we guarantee it will be ram-packed with UV-lovin’ gayers in just a few weeks time. Pimms and lemonade anyone?

12 Old Quebec Street, Marble Arch, W1H 7AF
Photos by Marc Abe