04/04/11: Did everyone enjoy their long Easter weekend? When you work at QX there’s no such thing as a public holiday, which might explain my urge to squeeze four days of fun into one Sunday. Starting with Disaronno on the rocks at 11am (classy, no?) whilst my ability to stay upright throughout the day was undoubtedly compromised, the fun just kept on coming. Most notably from two of our fave cabaret doyennes Crystal d’Canter and Kelly Mild, who have been packing them in every Sunday at Halfway II Heaven for three years now. Thankfully, one can be assured there will always be someone drunker than you downstairs at the laughter-filled H2H come the end of the week. But it’s the big grins, loud voices and beer-induced red eyes of the up-for-it crowd (and the acts!) that makes Sunday afternoon’s here such a treat – we defy you not to get swept away in the irresistible cheer of CK belting out some camp classics and comedy nuggets. Of course, we mustn’t forget Mrs Moore (looking stunning in a long weave), Tanya Hyde and Baga Chipz who, come sunset, took the drag baton and enthusiastically run with it into that good night. Plus, the amount of unsuspecting tourists who gawp at fellas in frocks having a fag break outside the pub is still a sight that this old trash bag will never get tired of seeing! To all the performing ladies – keep up the great work!

Halfway II Heaven, 7 Duncannon St, Charing Cross, WC2N 4JF
Words by Lee ‘River Song is my co-pilot’ Dalloway
Photos by Marc Abe