CK6: CK Goes to Hollywood

09/03/14: Word got out that there was red carpet and champagne being rocked out at Halfway to Heaven at 3pm for their CK6 event and so natch we were outside the door at 2.55pm, clutching our very own champagne glass we’d bought for the occasion.

After sipping our way through an hour of free-flowing aperitifs, we were in a rather good mood for the fabulous CK taking to the stage for Part One with the first three awards handed out in-between songs, and by 6pm we had to be told to shush from singing our own champagne-inspired songs (we were taking everyone – mostly unwillingly – back to Paris circa Piaf) so that Part Two could get underway.

Alexis St Claire recreating the dinner scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally’, Mitzi Macintosh performed a Hollywood medley, including a fantastic mash-up of Joan Crawford and Meredith Brooks’ ‘I’m a Bitch’, and finally Aaron Alexander showed us just why he’s CK’s favourite male singer.

As the CK Disco descended from 7-8pm, we were strutting our feather-boa stuff like the rooster that’d swallowed the acid tab, until at 8pm the encore took over with Mrs Moore and Tanya Hyde!


CK had the entire audience in their hands all day and when they presented two special awards to Kelly’s dad and Crystal’s dear friend Sam, the audience was in tears… “Who’d have thought that a single song sang at a charity event six years ago would lead to CK and the great time had by us on Sunday?” said Crystal, whilst Kelly added “a huge thanks to our special guest Aaron, Mitzi and Alexis, and of course to our lovely audience…

We really are nothing without you!” Well, we’re already cracking open the corks for CK7!

Halfway to Heaven, 7 Duncannon Street, WC2N 4JF
Words by Jackie Jockstrap
Photos by Angus Wharton Photography