Comptons: 23/06/17

    23/06/17: Comptons is our favourite bar on Old Compton Street! There, we said it! It’s something about the gorgeous amalgamation of bestubbled bar staff, friendly clientele, and clandestine environs that makes it a winning formula. Friday night was no exception! Among those in attendance was doyenne of the London drag scene, Virginia Wright! She’s bloody everywhere at the moment. LEAVE US ALONE VIRGINIA! GO HOME! Watch some telly! No we’re kidding, she’s one of our absolute faves. Also, who are the two cuties down on the bottom left? We’d like a date with them! Or at the very least, a spitroast. Lolz.

    51 – 53 Old Compton Street, Soho, W1D 6HN

    Photos by [HAWT!]Photography





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