Comptons Goes Garage!

26/09/16: Come one come all to the sonic recreation of PARADISE GARAGE.

The institution that is Compton’s throws a tribute to the iconic club and it’s legacy. For those that don’t know about PG it was a legendary dance club in NYC that closed in 1987 and was seminal in the transition of disco dance music to soulful house.

Central to this shift was DJ Larry Levan whose re-edits and re-mixes had the neon kids wetting themselves. So! To suitably honour and answer the call from the Gay-rage (as it was also known) Monday resident DJ Alex Eugenio whacked out a sickening set of GARAGE anthems mixed with forthcoming ones that paved the way for soulful house music.


Add to this the £2.50 drinks all night, we were cutting shapes at the bar vogueing up the stairs! Til next time Comptons!

Comptons of Soho, 51 – 53 Old Compton Street, W1D 6HN

Words and Photos by Victor Hensel-Coe