25/11/10: It’s amazing what you agree to do when you’re pissed. It’s usually the case when I’m slumped against a bar, all hyped-up and offering my services to a dashing guv’nor already plying me with enough booze to rival one of Gazza’s quieter nights out. But all that wasn’t necessary, mind you, when it came to last Thursday’s ‘Best Legs’ competition at Comptons of Soho. There are some work visits that are excruciatingly painful (I delegate those tasks to the hired help work experience boys these days) however, judging the chunky lallies of Stonewall FC’s and the Kings Cross Steelers’ best-of-the-beefiest is most certainly a duty I’m willing to take on myself. The evening was the first night of a weekend of celebrations for Comptons 26th birthday, as well as a fundraiser for gay men’s health charity, GMFA. Recently returned manager Neil Hodgson enlisted the help of Rose Garden to call the shots as she traversed the bar faultlessly. At any moment I expected six foot of tranny to come tumbling down, but she maintained her composure perfectly even when on her knees inspecting the cocks of the competing guys. As the contest progressed she managed to get them to gradually shed more and more clothes as punters offered up money for them to strip – all donations to charity, of course, not Rose’s retire fund. With the scores tallied, the winner was hunky Jamie who walked away with a £100, a huge cheer from a salivating crowd and Rose Garden’s phone number.

    53 – 57 Old Compton Street, Soho, W1D 6HN
    Words by Cliff Joannou
    Photos by LoveImageLondon