Comptons of Soho

15/12/16: Despite the full moon and its well-known hair-growing virtues, we did not solely find the usual assortment of bears, otters, silver foxes and wolves during our visit to that venerable institution that is Comptons on Thursday.

We did also encounter a few chickens. One in particular, actually dressed up as a chicken and sipping Champagne on his own, was taking part in some sort of drinking game called “Où est le poulet?”: a group of friends gathers drinking money in a kitty entrusted to the dressed-up group member. Said member stealthily establishes himself in a watering hole of his choice and texts clues to his mates to help them find him.

The chicken has freedom of the kitty until his friends manage to discover him (if they ever do). We assume this could easily become a lonely (and potentially risky) experience for the chicken and his liver.


The things people do for kicks, honestly! For those less adventurous customers simply there for a quiet pint as a warm-up for the weekend, the sexy Comptons team was of course on hand, ably assisted for the evening by the pilosely flamboyant Tasty Tim at the decks. For those desperate to know, the chicken was discovered by his tuxedoed friends within about 30 minutes. 


51 – 53 Old Compton Street, W1D 6HN

Photos by Zefrografica