28/03/14: “Humble diva” Angie Brown came to town and left a smiling pile of sweat-soaked fans in her wake Friday night at Clapham Common’s Kazbar. Ms. “I’m Gonna Get You Baby” herself arrived straight from hospital (our thoughts are with her family) and stomped, funked, shouted and crooned her way through three octaves and two generations of her hits. That’s how a pro does it, punk!

Sweat glistened in the spotlight as she holy-rolled her way through the frenzied crowd downstairs, upstairs and the outside smoking section (hell, I thought she was gonna board the night bus) giving soul to the soulless, love to the lonely and exorcized the devil out of fan Matthew Franks who damn near swan dived off the mezzanine onto the DJ booth saved by his partner Mike Monday.

All under the watchful eyes of her vocal coach/mentor of 15 years, Nettie Battan who “found a divine spark” in a pre-teen Angie. “She’s my idol!” swooned DJ Eduardo Herrera. “I cannot believe she is here playing with me tonight!


“Fight No More” is more than her new single. It’s her calling card for a new deal,” says Copasetic producer Kerrie of Beat Genius.co.uk who’s preppin’ her new single “Remedy” for this summer’s Ibiza. You heard it here first!

No Kazbar show would be complete without an impromptu acapella duet with Madame and Mr. Showman himself, owner Craig Maritza. If you have not been to Kazbar for these events you are missing golden moments in club history.

50 Clapham High Street, SW4 7UJ
Words by Tom Redkid
Photos by Mark Storey

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