19/05/11: Despite the rippling diversity and innate vibrancy of the colourful gay scene in Soho, genuinely worthy works of art are by no means regular presences in our bars and clubs. Step forward the ever-innovative Ku Bar, which held an exhibition of emerging artist Arron Cook’s debut collection of famous gay icons, painstakingly transformed into vivacious artistic entities. All three floors of the flagship Ku Bar on Lisle Street were adorned with Cook’s eye-catching works, whilst the main display was held downstairs in the recently refurbished Ku Klub, subtly made up as an elegant gallery for the evening. Here the likes of Cher, George Michael and Madonna winked and pouted from their frames in scintillating pop art glamour, as an intriguing mix of voyeurs, from suited businessmen to young students admired the efforts. Artist Arron Cook said that the work reflected his isolation as a young gay man some years ago, and the figures in popular culture who he gained support and inspiration from in that time. Ku Bar owner Gary Henshaw stated that: ‘I was delighted to help Arron establish himself and show his work. I was so impressed that I bought some of his work for permanent display at Ku.’ So if you want to see what you might have missed out on, pop down to Ku Bar soon to get a sample taste!

*Arron Cook’s agent Leopold Lawrence has stated that he is interested in working with LGBT artists more, so if you feel that you have a interesting portfolio worth discovering, get in touch

Ku Bar, 30 Lisle Street, Chinatown, WC2H 7BA
Words by Patrick Cash
Photos by Joel Ryder