01/12/10: So, what life lessons did one learn on World AIDS Day?
    1 – If you have an afro, don’t stand under a beer garden heater.
    2 – If you’re a broke ass motherfucker, don’t gesture dramatically during a high price auction.
    3 –That until HIV and AIDS is completely eradicated, World AIDS Day is more important than ever, both in remembering those we’ve lost and helping those still affected.

    Whilst my personal budget can, sadly, only stretch to purchasing a couple of Ku calendars (on sale now, just £5), the annual Ku Bar Boys Charity auction is now a firm favourite in the QX diary. Every year, head honcho Henshaw and his always game-for-a-laugh staff put on a fab show that raises sack-loads of cash for a good cause. The lovely Boogaloo Stu wheeled out a selection of buffed, bronzed boys that had the more well to do members of our community panting like dogs on heat and digging deep – to the tune of hundreds of pounds per boy! Despite the Arctic conditions, the place was heaving, the atmosphere electric, and the selection of prizes and lots up for grabs this year more diverse than ever. Everyone at Ku works so hard for this day. Not only was £8,000 raised for The Food Chain charity, but every single punter in that place was beaming from ear to ear. I’m used to making sarky comments in reviews about our fair scene, but that just doesn’t seem appropriate here. This was an evening with seriously serious undertones, but where everyone went away feeling more positive than they came in. Truly what the gay community should be all about.

    30 Lisle St, Chinatown, WC2H 7BA
    Words by Lee Dalloway
    Photos by www.loveimagelondon.com