02/04/11: I tell you what, luvvies. It ain’t half stressful being a diva of London’s glittering gay scene. (I was going to say ‘doyenne’ rather than diva, until I googled it and realized it meant old woman. Probably should have attended school rather than skiving off to get stoned.) Where was I…? Oh yes, POOR ME, louching around gay London, hand cupped and waiting to receive a drink. And one of our favourite bars that hasn’t banned us yet to have a tipple or two in is the gorgeous New Bloomsbury Set. A gay venue that refuses to be pigeonholed into the sub-genres us gays love putting ourselves in (twinks, bears, daddies etc…) welcoming anyone who’s looking for sophisticated respite with a homoxual lean. Well, everyone except under 21-year-olds, which for us is a welcome relief. Flirting with someone born in 1993 who doesn’t know what Teletext is doesn’t half make one feel like a relic. But don’t go thinking this is a bar full of people who call the radio a ‘wireless’ either. A plethora of twenty and thirtysomething fitties trolled around the bar in tight t-shirts/suited and booted garb/skinny jeans – not wearing them all at the same time you understand, we’re highlighting diversity here. A smattering of straights happily mingled with some chic-looking lesbians (yes, really!) supping cocktails against a backdrop of gorge decor and perfect Saturday evening music. We’ve never had so much fun in a basement – well, not without a sling anyway.

    76 Marchmont St, Bloomsbury, WC1N 1AG
    Words by Lee Dalloway
    Photos by Marc Abe


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