Old Ship: 21/05/17

    21/05/17: Despite appearances, the Old Ship in Limehouse is a pub with a difference. A non-initiated observer walking in would probably think the place similar to hundreds of other pubs. The decor is elegant but cozy, and there are two lovely ladies pulling pints behind the bar. Perhaps the music is slightly louder and certainly more camp but it’s when you come in on a Sunday night for a relaxing pint that the pub will reveal itself to you as you find yourself confronted to a drag queen in full flow, entertaining a crowd of laughing regulars. This Sunday, Miss Jason was doing the honours, offering a mix of bawdy songs and hilarious banter to her audience. Another Jason was also on hand to amuse the crowds. Standing at his usual position, resident DJ Jason Prince was valiantly manning the decks, bringing his own dose of good humour to the proceedings and chatting with the mixed groups of customers who come to enjoy the friendly atmosphere always to be found here. Go see for yourself.

    17 Barnes Street, Limehouse, E14 7NW

    Words by Nicolas Chinardet
    Photos by Zefrographica





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