Pride’s Got Talent @ Her Upstairs – Thursday 16th March, 2017

    Her Upstairs

    Pride is four months away, and we need some entertainment for the main stage, so the contest has begun to find someone talented, artistic, and probably really weird with a message to send out to the crowd at Trafalgar Square! Ruby Wednesday, Son of a Tutu, Jacqui Swallows, Tom Knight, our very own Jason Reid, and Mizz Kimberly (complete with adorable pooch) were there to judge at Her Upstairs who will rise like a phoenix or death drop dead. First act Russell Arathon’s comedy had us laughing and gasping, but not always for the right reasons, while Michelle O’ Toole’s stand-up was dark, deadpan and had us wondering why we don’t have more trans comics. And Maria Hetz brought her Brexit realness, triggering laughter and joy rather than anxiety and societal division. With such a diverse, talented range of acts, Pride has CERTAINLY got talent for sure!

    Her Upstairs, 18 Kentish Town Road, NW1 9NX

    Words & photos by Victor Hensel-Coe