18/02/11: Brazilian hotness descended on Soho last week when DJ dreamboat Leandro Kloppel took over the decks of Profile bar for a super-exclusive set. The man was in town for a flying visit and wasted no time in whipping up a sensation at what is becoming one of the hottest destinations for a post-work cocktail in central London. Since they ripped out some of the seating area and moved the DJ booth, this already bustling bar has become somewhat of a destination for eyeing up fit fellas, or simply slumping in the booths and noshing down with your mates… on the wide-ranging menu options, of course. (Why, what did you think we meant? Filthy buggers.) As Leandro dropped another hot track, we downed the shots, propping up the bar between his muscled entourage and what would become a long night before we descended into Lo-Profile club basement for more.

    84-86 Wardour Street, Soho, W1F 0TQ
    Photos by Ben Brown
    Words by Le Disco Whore


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