24/10/10: A lot can happen in twenty years – especially on this fast moving gay scene of ours, where venues and club nights can close down before you’ve even finished your dirty martini! West London especially was once a thriving gay Mecca of homoxial bars, but no more. So it’s comforting to know that a small but perfectly formed basement bar in the area is still pulling ‘em in after two decades. Whilst it’s older than some of my recent dates, Ted’s Place still has a naughty sparkle in its eye and knows how to throw a good bash. The infamous men/men in dresses only bar even allowed the womenfolk in to celebrate the milestone, plus our dear Rose Garden was looking fab as she wowed the packed pub. Cracking wise and singing her heart out to a very eclectic mix of butch geezers, muscleboys, cocks in frocks, tranny glamazons and regular blokes who just don’t ‘do’ the Soho scene, it’s always a laid-back laugh at Ted’s. Having spent too much money this month, we’re always thankful for a spread of good grub a few days before payday – we were even happier with the builder-esque geezer tottering around in 4-inch heels and calling himself Kat Slater. The weekends are always fun-packed with a large, loyal and always laughing crowd, and at other times things can get wonderfully ‘old school’ cruisy in a way that’s all but disappeared from many gay bars. There’s a lot of seemingly straight/straight acting fellas on the tranny nights too – if bagging a hetero floats your sexual boat, it be time to slip a wig on, fellas. A top night, and we look forward to heading over for the 40th anniversary, too!

    305a North End Road, West Brompton, W14 9NS
    Words by Leeona Beaverhausen (Lee Dalloway in a wig)
    Photos by www.nicophoto.co.uk


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