30/07/11: Tis the season to be camp, girl! And to celebrate with the ‘Duchess of Blackheath’ on her menopausal birthday at the George & Dragon. Featuring fabulous frolicking drag artistes Rose Garden and Lola Lasagne pitching their tents in the proverbial camping ground that is the stage, giving a performance that reminds me of ‘carry on camping’.

I burst through the saloon doors, camera and flash in hand, as Lola Lasagne immediately puts her gaze on me and said, “Ooh, hello dear! And where are you from?”

“QX magazine,” I said.


“Ooh! Where do you want me?!” she replied.

“I’ll do you in your dressing room if you like?” I said.

“Can’t you just do me on stage?!” she said.

“QX don’t pay me enough for that, luv!” I said.

[That Joel Ryder, she fucking loves it! – Editor].

The crowd laughed and she sung a show tune, it was very camp! Lots of food and cake was on hand at the buffet, plus balloons and flowers for the birthday girl. When Rose Garden hit the stage she did a fabulous ‘quick change’ number that had the crowds in stitches. If you have not been to the George & Dragon and like cabaret I recommend you try it as soon as possible!

George & Dragon, 2 Blackheath Hill, SE10 8DE
Words and photos by Joel Ryder