26/11/11: Well I have to admit, when the phone went last week and the husky tones of Leona Van Cartier rasped “Victoria in Walthamstow”, my first response was “Waltham-fuckin-where?”, but jumping on the tube at Oxford Circus I was barely two articles through The Lady and we arrived.

A short trot up the road and a packed Victoria awaited replete with hot young guys not usually seen in Vauxhall Village. It being a WAD fundraiser, their third in fact, hostess Mandy Gap squeezed every last shekel from the punters for the Positive East coffers before entertaining in true MG style: ‘Addicted to Love’, ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ and a diva medley of Cher, Tina and Whitney.

More drinks and raffle prizes ensued, surprise guest The Boy George Experience popped in with some hits and Mandy accosted an unsuspecting straight Spaniard called Jose. A truly top night out east.

186 Hoe Street, E17
Words and photos by Chris Jepson


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