01/11/15: 10pm on a Saturday night and Soho is buzzing with theatregoers and hundreds of flyer boys.

Walking down Old Compton street takes me on a nostalgia trip as I reminisce about two decades of ‘big nights out’! As I arrive at Village I am greeted by a big, sexy but very friendly bouncer and made to feel very welcome by the gorgeous manageress Jodie.

The camptastic sounds of Almighty records and Cher ‘Believe’ are filling the bright and fabulous top bar. Behind the decks, looking amazing in a classy but very revealing little black and red number is new DJ talent Robyn Banks.

Robyn reads the crowd perfectly and plays just the right tracks to get everyone in the party mood. 11pm and the star of the night arrives. Robyn takes to the mic, ‘’Here she is; the thanksgiving Turkey herself, Miss Heidilicious’’.


Dressed as a six foot turkey, Heidi flaps her wings through the crowd to take over the reins behind the decks. Robyn jumps up on the bar to dance with the very sexy ‘gogo’ boys and pretends to fall off the pole as Heidi spins the infamous Madonna ‘Brit Awards’ single.

Midnight and it’s time to head down to the basement where a cool crowd are enjoying the sexy house remixes of Paul Heron and I’m set to hit the dance floor for the rest of the night….

81 Wardour St, W1D 6QD

Words by Jason Prince

Photos by Mark Storey