04/03/17: Last Saturday, Brüt opened the latest in London’s hangouts – Bloc South. Boasting an amazing soundsystem, two dancefloors and chillout lounges, it truly was packed to the brim with the hottest boys around. Amazing tunes served by London’s finest DJs, augmented by a *literally* bedazzling light show, the only thing to do was to down that Jaeger Bomb (Ok, two. Maybe three.) and lose oneself in this tightly packed, sweaty crowd of horny hunks, beardy bears and cute chasers. Brüt is here to stay and we bloody love it! Come down to Bloc South, this naughty night happens every Saturday and with the night tube at Vauxhall, literally round the corner, there’s no excuse not to dance the night away. Dear Brüt boys – we do want it ruffer and tuffer and you’re sooooo gonna give it to us!

Bloc South, SE11 5AW 

Words by Maciek Groman  

Photos by [HAWT!]Photography