Douche Bag

08/12/17: The Glory was glowing with goodwill and gonads on Friday night, as alternative East London pop boys Douche Bag brought the gorge, unshaven brand of pop goodness. It was also JACK CULLEN’S BIRTHDAY. Don’t know who Jack Cullen is? Head to his Instagram and pack a lunch. His birthday celebrations were a veritable WHO’S THAT of Haggerston; Margot Marshall was there, Grace Shush was there, Cassandra was there, Claire Pidsley was there, Hot Boyfriend Jamie was there, Hugh Wright was there…all yer fuckin’ favourites. No sign of Sady Meltdown, although someone pretending to be her (Stella someone?) did a fab lipsync rendition of Timebomb by Kylie.

The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS

Photos by [HAWT!]Photography

Words by Dylan Jones

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