08/06/12: Perhaps one of the only out-and-out showmen this side of the 21st century, Adam Lambert is known to send eyebrows into the stratosphere and jaws towards the tail ends of onlookers’ skinny jeans…

So when the raven-haired, razor sharp-eyed singer emerged from the wings in black wedge boots, tuxedo blazer, tramp gloves, skinny jeans and a star spangled and leopard print t-shirt, his effect on us had been safely anticipated. What the men and boys jostling on Heaven’s main floor last Saturday night had not accounted for, however, was the sheer unadulterated energy of this all-American sensation.

First song ‘Trespassing’ seemed to shake the club’s foundations with it’s hard clapping bridge, buzzing electric guitar crescendos soaring lead vocals. Lambert dipped, thrust and rolled his waist wherever it wanted to go. ‘Kickin’ In’ was the next song to take the stage, and as expected when any track talks about ‘wanting to hit the clouds’, an electric current shot through us boys like black magic – people found themselves hollering for no reason, and moving to a rhythm they didn’t know they had.


‘Shady’, with it’s distinctly MJ edge, was the third song to ensure we broke a sweat – and show a filthier side of Lambert, with by the fourth track he was slowing things down so we could restore our cognitive functions. We didn’t have long as ‘Cuckoo’ was the next track to take us straight back into ‘get crunk’ state, with it’s distorted beats and scale switching chorus.

‘Never Close Our Eyes’, Lambert’s latest single, certainly looked like no-one was willing to blink, should they miss a beat of the on-stage antics. When the last note hovered over us all, the crowd erupted – saluting the entertainer. If you couldn’t see him in action, I’ll assure you that this is one album that still has to be heard!

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Heaven, Villiers Street, WC2N 6NG
Words by Yafeu Brown
Photos by Chris Jepson