02/07/11: Janet Jackson? No child. Beyonce? Get real, I seriously doubt ‘her people’ would ever let her do a gay gig. Katy Perry. No thanks. Lady Gaga? How passé. In fact, you can take all your American pop stars and shove ‘em up your chocolate garbage shoot. Pride night at G-A-Y was about home grown, quality talent with genuine soul.

In a scene that sounded like a massacre at a Kylie convention, the queens screamed the roof off Heaven when G-A-Y owner Jeremy Joseph finally revealed that the club’s secret PA was the undoubted musical star of 2011, Adele. Oh yes, the Tottenham-born gal who has whisked the world into a frenzy with a voice that penetrates the soul with a sound that is at once so very modern, yet so completely classic was back in town and ready to please the gays.

I for one, wet my panties. After an exuberant day traipsing around Soho and drinking myself into a stupor, this was certainly a case when I should have packed a Tena Lady… as one ages, certain muscles are prone to involuntary actions when in the presence of a true star.


But back to the woman at hand, this was her first performance since being given the all clear after a bout of laryngitis, and it was a night that nobody crammed into the main room at the venue would soon forget. Accompanied only by a piano and her stratospheric vocals, Adele opened with ‘Rolling In The Deep’, the capacity crowd singing along, before renditions of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ and ‘Someone Like You’ brought the house to tears. There certainly aren’t many clubs where you can stop the music, bring on a pop star and have her sing a couple ballads and still captivate the audience’s attention. A rousing applause later and she closed with the sensational ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ as the crowd erupted into one of the biggest cheers we’ve ever heard at the club. You go girl!

Heaven, Villiers Street, WC2H 6NG
Words by Cliff Joannou
Photos by www.cableimage.com

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