18/04/12: Our much-loved midweek soiree, Gigolo at The Shadow Lounge, threw an extra special bash last Wednesday to celebrate its first birthday.

    We’ve got well and truly hooked on the Gigolo format: hot house music, killer heels, poles, flashbulbs, slutty attire and lets not forget about the lip-smacking porn stars! Now after a year of midweek madness, there’s a worry that Gigolo will go all mature and responsible on us. It pleasures us to say there’s no chance of this happening, as the birthday bash gave us more bulging boys and pretty pecs than ever before.

    Organisers David and L.A Hart spoilt us when they invited ‘Nadia Oh’ to perform, and with a catalogue of tracks such as ‘Hot Male’, ‘City Nights’ and ‘S.E.X’ she certainly met her match with the Gigolo punters. As always, DJ Oliver M span a perfect mix of house, electro and trance while the ‘’ boys churned out some striking photos of the glitz, glamour and, of course, dirrrt.


    We love you Gigolo, for you’re living proof that things only get better with age!

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    The Shadow Lounge, 5 Brewer Street, Soho, W1F 0RF
    Words by Will Bond
    Photos by