03/05/15: Gloria is one lucky bitch! She has lipstick, she has glamour and she has one great crowd.

    Last bank holiday, the door of XOYO was looking busier than the gates of Hell. I managed to squeeze through the doors by playing my DJ card as it was already kicking off in the main floor with the sexy beats of Josh You Are. As you’d expect from any party with a splash of Sink the Pink, the crowd was a vision of manscara, guyliner, wigs, accessories and glitter. The energy on the main floor can only be described as though someone had dropped acid in school dinners. Favourite looks of the night for me were the lovely Ollywood and Jordi Hulshoff, who looked like Leigh Bowery and his pet lizard/slutty stripper had decided to take a stroll around the club. On the main floor Kim Ann Foxman, as always, delivered an incredible set and KLANGKARUSSEL were pumping-as-fuck. DISH took over Room 2 with dark deep and sexy vibes, Tom Stephan played some cunty beats that seemed to have the desired effect on the crowd, judging by their dance moves. I kept the sweaty ravers going until the end, but I guess the crowd wanted more, as I was asked to play another half-an-hour. Of course, I said yes! Make sure you don’t miss next month with Dimitri from Paris. BIG.

    32-37 Cowper Street, EC2A 4AP
    Words by Borja Peña
    Photos by Supplied

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