The Glory Barn Dance

27/08/17: We love The Glory’s barn dances! Last time we went to one, we had a roll in the hay with someone named Brent, who SAID he was a real life actual cowboy from New York City. Two things about that – firstly, we’re not sure there are any actual cows in New York City. Unless you count Melania Trump. And SECONDLY, his “American” accent was slightly suspect, like Madonna after a few sherries. Maybe he was transatlantic! No, that’s not a new gender, it means ‘someone who lives between oceans’. Splits their time between New York and London. Etc. Utter wankers. Anyway we digress. This Barn Dance was EPIC as always. Bourgeoisie was running around being an absolute NUTBAG. It was great.

The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS

Photos by Lyla Johnston
Words by Dylan Jones


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