The Glory’s Third Birthday

THREE YEARS. We feel like we were at their opening party just the other day. Rolling around in the smoking area with Dan Gillespie-Sells, while Princess Julia regarded us suspiciously from over the top of her glass of wine. Not much has changed. Their third birthday celebrations were, unsurprisingly, mad. Tracey Barlow was stalking around with all that bloody steel wool she always wears. We keep expecting to find bits of carrot in it. Emma Kroeger was in attendence, looking fab. John Sizzle was there, pointing. And there was a boy with a blonde mullet who was TROUBLE with a capital T. Here’s to three more years or, actually, THIRTY more years. The Glory will probably still be here after the apocalypse. Like Cher.

The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS

Photos by Richard Holland

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