Her Upstairs

11/11/16: THIS is what a queer venue looks like.

With great events that support all shapes and colours of queer, Her Upstairs cannot be faulted for its inclusivity and range and quality of performances. It’s a haven of creativity and self expression.

The indomitable Meth, mother of the truly wonderful Family Fierce, has come together with #BoyfriendJoe and the lovely George to bring us this much needed new venue. Not only because we’re apparently running out of places to go, but also because the places we go need to be safe spaces, where we can let our hair down and truly come together.

Friday night was the mega colourful Masc4Masc, which had the most epically camp poster of all time. It was the campest queer cabaret we’ve seen for a while and we loved every rainbow and glitter shower.


Along side Meth and her dancers, The Lost Boys, we had the ultra sexy Phil Ingud and the beautiful Kazeleon and an additional guest performer Felix le Freak who wow’d the crowd with his brilliant treatment of masc4masc culture! If you haven’t been yet, where have you been?!

Under a rock? SORT IT OUT.


18 Kentish Town Road, NW1 9NX

Words by Cé Ó Coileáin

Photos by LUXXXER

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