07/07/12: After a manic Pride day QX gathered en masse and Addison Lee’d it down to sarf London for the sluttiest Pride party ever!

    This year, HustlaBall’s annual event landed on WorldPride Day, and it seemed every horny bugger and their boyfriend(s) were headed to the Electric in Brixton for a dirty dance that would put Patrick Swayze to shame.

    The club was packed from the outset, the dancefloor overflowing with buff beauties, beary types, slinky twinks, funky fashionistas, muscled marys and every other gay clone you can conceive of… this is one event that really pulls in a real mix of guys.


    The fact that the dress code isn’t enforced helps, after all the common denominator here isn’t fetish, but more a general interest in hot-blooded blokes, with the emphasis on the porn variety. The ensuing stage shows veered from the suited and booted hunks of Menatplay to the rugged man-beasts of AlphaMaleMedia via the fresh faced Eurocreme teens and everything in-between.

    The shows recoiled non-stop and the iPhones flashed away as punters attempted to partake in the festivities on stage. While those after a bit more one-on-one action got some and more in the overhead Hard On balcony play area. As parties go, when it comes to packing a punch, the filthy fist of HustlaBall really hits it home. Here’s to HustlaBall 2013!

    Electric Brixton, Town Hall Parade, Brixton, SW2 1RJ
    Photos by
     Mark Storey

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