11/06/11: So, the biggest night in many an admirer of gay erotica’s pleasure finally came to pass last Saturday night as all the beautiful and gleefully damned flocked to famous super-club Fire for 2011’s HustlaBall London. With every room open yet again the club was packed to the rafters – we even literally saw a small somewhat crazed Latino boy swinging off a ceiling bar with a fan at one point – and the atmosphere was electric, each different environment offering its own eclectic appeal. Glamorous Jodie Harsh premiered over the Gaydar VIP Room; the Hard On and Bear Necessity rooms catered for the fetish and hunky hirsute gents; a dark room kept even the horniest boys happy; and of course everyone packed out the Mirror Arch where a stage had been erected for the porn stars’ jaw-dropping sex-filled performances. Sucking, fucking and everything else in-between, these boys are in the business for a reason and they’re more than happy to put on a sizzling show for the salivating masses at Fire. Letting their exhibitionist streaks carry them away, this HustlaBall is gonna be talked about for a long time to come…

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Words by Patrick Cash
Photos by Joel Ryder