Posted on July 11, 2012

As Soho’s original gay members club celebrates its 11th birthday this week, staff past and present share their favourite Shadow Lounge moments…


General Manager

A memorable moment for me is two of our best customers fighting in the VVIP: Alex to Philip Treacey, “Listen Patrick you drink my champagne? ONE HAT… you spilled my champagne? TWO HATS!”



One of my most memorable moments whilst working at Shadow Lounge was during a Christmas period, so you can imagine everyone very drunk from the office party. This woman decided it was her turn to show off on the pole, and instead of dancing around it foolishly, she made a huge leap for the pole missed it completely flew across the air and landed on the floor. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but she was OK, although I’m sure in the morning it hurt like hell!



The one most memorable moment was in the first year of the Shadow Lounge when Isabella Blow arrived at the club in the most amazing hat with Philip Treacey. We organised the VIP room for them and they were later joined by Lee [Alexander] McQueen. Also later that night they were joined by Julian Macdonald and his friends. It has always been a place where anything can happen. And the most stylish people have and will walk through those doors.



Most of the good stuff I remember can’t be printed!



Sad story but funny. This weekend at Gay Pride there was an accident involving customers so Tolis missed an important message from Kylie’s people to say she was coming down… so no Kylie!


Sales & Events Manager

At the ‘Gold Party’ I turned the comedian Stephen K Amos away because he wasn’t on the guest list. He was very nice and friendly, but I honestly didn’t recognise him. While he was walking away, Jacqui our security asked me, “Did you refuse entry to Stephen K Amos?” and I said “Who?” She explained and I had to run and get him down the road and apologise. Oopsie!



One of my most memorable moments was being called to the bathroom by the toilet attendant as it had been closed for a long time! When we finally got the door open there was a member of a very famous girl group in a bit of a pickle stuck between the toilet bowl and the wall drunk singing with her skirt down! Priceless.



Where to start?! Fairly sure I’ve gotten away with most of it, so I’m not going to fess up now! For a charity night run by the wonderful Miss Kimberly, I decided to sing The Champs ‘Tequila’ – with a handsome almost dressed man doing the honours of pouring, I proceeded to drink the whole bottle in three minutes. Anything for a lot of cheering, deafening applause and money!


• The Shadow Lounge (5 Brewer Street, Soho, W1F 0RF) 11th Birthday is on Thursday 12th July. Doors open 9pm for members, 11pm for guests.


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