04/02/12: In a few short months, Lo-Profile’s weekly Friday nighter PLAY>TIME has found itself gathering a huge following… and earlier this month its reputation spread beyond Soho, across the Channel to Paris!

    A wildly successful party hosted by gay porn star Jay Roberts, where he invites his industry friends to whip the dancing and drinking crowds into a frenzy. So it kinda made sense that the sexually charged French boys will be first on the list of destinations for the club to visit.

    And so it was a short ride on the Eurostar to Paris for the club’s debut in the state of the art Parisian hotspot Spyce! From the minute Jay and his friends Danny King and Gabriel Cross made their first appearance, gyrating and touching each other as if the cameras were rolling for one of their movies, the crowd was clamoring for more.


    As Jay and the guys got more into it – licking, sucking and grabbing – the crowds started to do the same thing. Within no time, everyone seemed to be a porn star for the night! PLAY>TIME became a giant celebration of shirtless hunks clearly inspired by the hot and sexy grinding of Jay, Danny and Gabriel, who, once they made their way into the beautiful crowd, made sure everyone got to feel part of the erotic splendour!
    PLAY>TIME is back in Paris on March 17th. And catch the sexy boys from hot new Paris nightspot, Spyce, when it makes its London debut at ClubNation @ LoProfile on Saturday 25th February. Ooh La La!

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    23 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004, Paris, France

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