The Blood Ball

16/12/17: Salacious Sohocialites Mark and Jason Ford upped sticks from their usual London stomping ground and rented out the Slytherin Dungeon for their annual Christmas party on Saturday. Green smoke billowed and candles flickered, as guests imbibed in poppers and polyjuice potion. Recalcitrant Ravenclaw Vanity von Glow ventured down from her tower to perform a special set, and even Hermione made a brief, fervent appearance as her drag alter-ego Lydia L’Scabies – yes, Hermione’s a bio queen, who knew! There were also musclebound house elves on hand serving gorgeous drinks, and the Dark Lord himself even popped in for a sherry – he managed not to kill anyone, which is a festive achievement in itself. All in all, a gorgeously evil night had by all. Well done everyone. Mischief managed.

The Slytherin Dungeon, Dungeon Corridor, Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmeade 0W1 HEX

Photos by Colin Creevey

Words by Rita Skeeter

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